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Legends of Kalidasia: The Exterion Fleets is Now Available

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July 6 2012

Exterion Fleets

The latest expansion to Legends of Kalidasia, which introduces the Colayth Guard fleet, is now available for sale in both print and PDF forms.

Since the earliest days of the Heragul Empire, the Exterion Fleets have explored beyond the boundaries of known space. It was the Exterion Fleets which first encountered the Krylan, the Thaylex, and likely the Surakari. However, an encounter with a Krylan speaking alien race calling themselves ‘The Colayth Guard’ will prove to be the greatest diplomatic challenge to the Empire yet.

Legends of Kalidasia: The Exterion Fleets introduces the third combatant race into the Kalidasia universe. The Colayth Guard carry some of the heaviest firepower of the Kalidasia warships, but lack the advanced active armor system. For the first time ever, command a fighter carrier as the flagship of your fleet. Unleash new warships, new weapons, and unique special abilities as you defend your territory against Heragul aggression.

The expansion can be purchased on our Products page under expansions.