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“Surakari forces have entered the Cadre system. Launch Operation Octavius. I repeat, launch Operation Octavius!” ~ Captain of the frigate Cadria 47


Kalidasia Fleet Commander is the new tabletop game of planetary defense. One player takes the role of the invading Surakari while the other commands the Heragul defenders. The fate of the Albion Prefecture is in your hands.

Being an asymmetric game, the Heragul and Surakari have different objectives to complete. As a result, the tactics used by both sides are quite different. Since this game is set in the Kalidasia Universe, players of the Legends miniatures game will recognize many warships and find them playing similar roles.

Overview of the Game Mechanics

Kalidasia Fleet Commander is played on an effectively circle orbital board with the planet in the center. Each space on the board is called a region and these regions are grouped into ninety degree wide corridors.

The goal of the Invading Surakari is to blockade these corridors. Their units arrive throughout the game on the edge of the orbital board and then move into blockading positions. This represents them preventing countless numbers of transports from reaching or leaving the planet under siege. If the Surakari player manages to blockade enough of these corridors, they will start to destroy the planet’s economy. In addition, once the defenders have been worn down enough, the Surakari can launch a direct strike on the planet.

The Heragul Defenders are working to keep these corridors open by driving back the Surakari. In addition to scoring points by keep these corridors open, the Defenders can attempt to run the blockade with warship escorted convoys to score even more points. However, there are risks and limitations to these convoys.

At the end of each turn, any region with both invading and defending units will fight a combat action. Combat in Kalidasia Fleet Commander is designed to be a series of simple dice mechanics for missiles, guns, armor, and retreat checks. The real tactics in combat come in the form of Command Cards. These cards are another type of a limited resource, but each one is very powerful and they play an important role in claiming victory during combat.

Both players have several other options for scoring points, but the core concepts of the game are all listed above. If you are interested in seeing the whole game in action, check out the complete 25 minute battle report a little further down in the project.

You can find a copy of latest rulebook here.[PDF]

Game Components


Pictured above is the most recent picture of the “Beta” Components. While some of the components, such as the rulebook and the planet reference sheets are not finalized, the above picture does represent the expected quantities and types of components in the final game.

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The Invasion of Cadre

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