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Shipping and Handling for United States Addresses for the Legends of Kalidasia Product Line is $6. This applies to all products managed by Kalidasia Media Productions. Shipping and Handling for Canada costs $16, while the shipping and handling costs for all other countries is $21. A 6% sales tax will applied to all orders being shipped to the State of Michigan. All products are shipped from the United States and the shipping costs do not cover local taxes and fees.

Legends of Kalidasia Starter Sets


Free Starter Kit: The Battle for Minex Six

Enter the Kalidasia Universe at zero cost.

Free - View Details


Rise of the Surakari Deluxe Box Set with Admiral Rules Pack

Everything needed for space combat in the Kalidasia Universe as well as four miniatures.

$45.00 - View Details


Rise of the Surakari with the Admiral Rules Pack

Contains everything that is needed to start fighting space battles in the Kalidasia Universe

$25.00 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Expansions


Admiral Rules Pack

Add new rules and new warships to increase the violence of Kalidasia battles.

$12.00 - View Details


Exterion Fleets

Beyond the borders of the Heragul Empire lies a mysterious new race.

$12.00 - View Details


Heragul Fleet Pack

Call in Heragul reinforcements and the deadly Tiger Shark with this expansion.

$5.00 - View Details


Surakari Fleet Pack

Call on the speed and agility of the Surakari Gun Boat to destroy the Heragul opposition.

$5.00 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Miniatures


Colayth Guard Fleet

Pursue the agenda of the mysterious Colayth Guard with these miniatures,

$10 - $55 - View Details


Kalidasia 3D Models

Create and 3D print your own variations of Kalidasia warships.

Free - View Details


The Heragul Fleet

Defend the Heragul Empire with this collection of miniatures.

$9 - $50.00 - View Details


The Surakari Fleet

Command the Invasion of the Heragul with the official Surakari Miniature line.

$10 - $35.00 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Battlefield Terrain


Pre-Painted Asteroid Set

Realistic looking dangerous obstacles for your fleet

$25.00 - View Details


Reflection Nebula Space Battle Map

A great way to improve the look of your battles.

$25.00 - $50.00 - View Details


Vinyl Reflection Nebula Space Combat Mat

Combining the Beauty of a Blue Reflection Nebula with the Quality of Vinyl

$40 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Fiction


1 – Silex Road – Battle for Silex #1

The battle for Silex begins as the Surakari launch an invasion of the planet.

$0.99 - View Details


2 – Secrets of Silex – Battle for Silex #2

Under constant threat from the Surakari, Abbi-Sian must keep her platoon safe from all enemies.

$0.99 - View Details


3 – Heroes of Armageddon – Battle for Silex #3

The battle for Silex continues as the Colayth Guard joins the fight!

$0.99 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Legacy Products


Kalidasia Space Battle Map

The original battlefield for Kalidasia space combat

No Longer Available - View Details

Almost 30 planetary systems have fallen waiting for the government to save them. We are not going to make that mistake.

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