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Shipping and Handling for United States Addresses for the Legends of Kalidasia Product Line is $6. This applies to all products managed by Kalidasia Media Productions. Shipping and Handling for Canada costs $16, while the shipping and handling costs for all other countries is $21. A 6% sales tax will applied to all orders being shipped to the State of Michigan.

Legends of Kalidasia Starter Sets


Free Starter Kit: The Battle for Minex Six

Enter the Kalidasia Universe at zero cost.

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Rise of the Surakari Deluxe Box Set with Admiral Rules Pack

Everything needed for space combat in the Kalidasia Universe as well as four miniatures.

$60.00 - View Details


Rise of the Surakari with the Admiral Rules Pack

Contains everything that is needed to start fighting space battles in the Kalidasia Universe

$35.00 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Expansions


Admiral Rules Pack

Add new rules and new warships to increase the violence of Kalidasia battles.

$12.00 - View Details


Exterion Fleets

Beyond the borders of the Heragul Empire lies a mysterious new race.

$12.00 - View Details


Heragul Fleet Pack

Call in Heragul reinforcements and the deadly Tiger Shark with this expansion.

$5.00 - View Details


Surakari Fleet Pack

Call on the speed and agility of the Surakari Gun Boat to destroy the Heragul opposition.

$5.00 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Miniatures


Kalidasia 3D Models

Create and 3D print your own variations of Kalidasia warships.

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The Heragul Fleet

Defend the Heragul Empire with this collection of miniatures.

$50.00 - View Details


The Surakari Fleet

Command the Invasion of the Heragul with the official Surakari Miniature line.

$50.00 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Battlefield Terrain


Pre-Painted Asteroid Set

Realistic looking dangerous obstacles for your fleet

$25.00 - View Details


Reflection Nebula Space Battle Map

A great way to improve the look of your battles.

$25.00 - $50.00 - View Details


Vinyl Reflection Nebula Space Combat Mat

Combining the Beauty of a Blue Reflection Nebula with the Quality of Vinyl

$40 - View Details

Legends of Kalidasia Fiction


1 – Silex Road – Battle for Silex #1

The battle for Silex begins as the Surakari launch an invasion of the planet.

$0.99 - View Details


2 – Secrets of Silex – Battle for Silex #2

Under constant threat from the Surakari, Abbi-Sian must keep her platoon safe from all enemies.

$0.99 - View Details


3 – Heroes of Armageddon – Battle for Silex #3

The battle for Silex continues as the Colayth Guard joins the fight!

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Legends of Kalidasia Legacy Products


Kalidasia Space Battle Map

The original battlefield for Kalidasia space combat

No Longer Available - View Details

If we have tried to understand the unknown instead of fearing it, I would have to imagine things would have turned out differently.

Captain Zar-X-Let of the Heragul Battleship Sarlet 1 – In orbit of the Krylan home world following the battle of Armageddon.