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The Internet has triggered a war over digital media files which has caused the media industry leaders to try a number of different ways to save their business model. All tabletop miniature game companies should watch this situation with close interest. As 3D printing technology becomes common place, we will have a choice to fight this futile battle ourselves. Instead of joining this losing war, Kalidasia Media Productions LLC has decided to experiment with new business models. As of today, all of the source 3D files for the Kalidasia Miniature line are available for sale at a price you name. Pay $0.00, $99.99, or a number of different values in between. I will leave that up to you.

Welcome to the future of tabletop gaming, and if you create some awesome warships from these files, then please share them with me.

Please note that the payment above is for saying ‘Thank You’ for the work I put into assembling these files and is completely optional. No physical goods of any kind are included with your purchase. Also, no warranty or support is provided with the files.

These files are released under a:

Creative Commons License
Legends of Kalidasia 3D Models by Kalidasia Media Productions, LLC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

This means, you may download, modify, and create your own 3D prints from the models. However, if you do, you must give my company, Kalidasia Media Productions, LLC(, credit for the original model.

For example, this model by John Smith is based off the Surakari Frigate developed by Kalidasia Media Productions, LLC(

Any models created from these files may not be sold and you must also release the model under the same type of creative commons license.

As for the files, they were created with the Free and Open source software Blender v2.49. Blender can be downloaded at As for creating 3D prints from these models, those details will depend on the service/machine that you use to create the 3D Prints. Blender can export models into a variety of formats, so please contact your printer for details on what they need. I really can’t help you with this step since there are so many different ways to create 3D Prints.

Read the Full Press Release Here.

Legends of Kalidasia pewter/resin/plastic models are supplied unpainted and require assembly. They contain small parts and are for ages 13+. Keep these figures away from young children. Figures shown on the box are not to scale and the contents of the package may differ from the images shown on the box. Legends of Kalidasia figures are scale miniatures intended for gamers and collectors. Preparation work, such as cleaning, may be required prior to assembly and painting. Legends of Kalidasia is copyright Kalidasia Media Productions LLC 2010. P.O Box 4628 Troy, MI 48099. Please retain this packaging for future reference. Recommended tools include a hobby knife, cyanoacrylate glue, and a file.

Shipping and Handling for United States Addresses for the Legends of Kalidasia Product Line is $6. This applies to all products managed by Kalidasia Media Productions. Shipping and Handling for Canada costs $16, while the shipping and handling costs for all other countries is $21. A 6% sales tax will applied to all orders being shipped to the State of Michigan. All products are shipped from the United States and the shipping costs do not cover local taxes and fees.

I would agree that the Tiger Shark is a beautiful machine, but why must efficiency be measured in how quickly we can kill each other?

Excerpt from a pamphlet found circulating in the Messich District of the Heragul Empire.