The Kalidasia Universe

Episode 2 – The Tiger Shark

Captain Har-Ky-Lon held his hammerhead frigate alongside the frigate Tyronar 22. Both ships scanned the recently destroyed Surakari frigate as it slowly burned in Tyronna Four’s thin atmosphere. Even though the second Surakari attack wave was only thirty minutes away, any chance the Heragul had to learn about their new enemy must be taken.

Not too far away, the Tyronar One had finished collecting the escape pods from the destroyed Tyronar 23. A final count revealed that 35 of the original 40 crew made it off the ship before the wrecked frigate plummeted to the planet’s surface.

As Tur-Si-Lok brought his battle cruiser back towards Har-Ky-Lon’s frigate, he broadcasted, “All ships, move away from Tyronna Four and prepare to jump to Tyronna Two. Coordinates will be sent shortly.”

Har-Ky-Lon openned a channel direct to Tur-Si-Lok, “Tyronna Two Captain? There isn’t much at the wreck of a planet.”

“Tyronna One and Three have already fallen to the Surakari. I wouldn’t expect to see them at Tyronna Two and more importantly, we have to pick up a package there.”

The Tyronar One led its fleet of three frigates and two transports away from the frozen planet. Once they reached a safe distance from Tyronna Four, all of the ships jumped to Tyronna Two.

Tyronna Two was a planet at some point in its past. It was estimated that 100,000 years ago, a cataclysmic event occurred which literally shattered the planet. The world broke apart into several thousand pieces and spread out to around 1.3 times its original diameter. Since that day, the rocks have been caught in a gravitational dance that will one day reunite them into a single body. The fleets of the Tyronna system have long since mapped the internal passages of Tyronna Two and it has been used to hide all sorts of goods, both legal and illegal. On the day the Surakari attacked, the tradition of hiding military equipment in this ruined planet was being practiced.

As Tur-Si-Lok navigated his fleet through the wreckage of Tyronna Two, he sent another message to all the all of the ships following him.

“When the Surakari attacked the other planets of the Tyronna System, I was not too far from this position overseeing a delivery of a new warship. The first indication of an attack came when my sensor officer detected six vessels jumping into the orbit of this planet. Each one had a mass similar to a frigate, but they were not quite a match. Once we first saw the Surakari Frigate, our worst fears were confirmed. Minutes later, the first distress messages arrived. My warship battled through three enemy frigates, one at a time. At that point, the remaining frigates had jumped away and fled the battle. Once my ship reached a safe jump position, only Tyronna Four had not broadcasted a message of surrender.”

After a brief delay, Har-Ky-Lon asked, “ What was the new delivery?”

“It’s right around this rock Captian.”

The Tyronar One rounded a large cluster of debris and its search lights illuminated a band new Tiger Shark class Frigate.

The skeleton crew which brought the frigate here radioed, “It’s good to see you made it back Captain. No Surakari have entered orbit since you left.”

“I was hoping you would say that”, Tur-Si-Lok responded, “Thanks for watching over our new toy.”

All of the Heragul ships came to a stop around the frigate.

“Captain Har-Ky-Lon,” Tur-Si-Lok addressed, “I would like to introduce you and your crew to their new warship. Head over and get acquainted fast because the Surakari will be here in a hurry.”