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Preview of the Rise of the Surakari Warship Line

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October 25 2010

Rise of the Surakari Figures Shown above are the final designs for the Legends of Kalidasia: Rise of the Surakari Warship line. From left to right the figures are: 1) Surakari Frigate Prime 2) Surakari Destroyer 3) Surakari Battle Cruiser 4) Heragul Battle Cruiser 5) Heragul Destroyer Prime 6) Heragul Frigate Prime The Heragul Seeking Missile Destroyer weapons will come with the Heragul Destroyer, so either configuration can be built from one box. As for the Surakari Plasma Missile Boat, I will be releasing a video shortly after the figures have been released showing how to mod the prime model. At this time, pricing information and a release date are not available, but the figures have been delivered to the manufacturer. In order to keep up with the latest new, subscribe to our newsletter. Figures will be provided unpainted and will require assembly.