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Operation Octavius

“Surakari forces have entered the Cadre system. Launch Operation Octavius. I repeat, launch Operation Octavius!” ~ Captain of the frigate Cadria 47

For six months, the Surakari have torn open a wound in the Heragul Empire. Their invasion has brought them to the door step of the Albion Prefecture. Take command of your fleet and battle for the future of Kalidasia.

Kalidasia Fleet Commander is the new tabletop game of planetary defense. One player takes the role of the invading Surakari while the other commands the Heragul defenders. The fate of the Albion Prefecture is in your hands.

Operation Octavius – Your Entry into Fleet Scale Battles in the Kalidasia Universe

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Kalidasia Fleet Commander: Operation Octavius is the starter set for re-creating fleet scale engagements in the Albion Prefecture. One player will command the desperate Heragul defenders, while the other oversees the Surakari invading forces.

Operation Octavius contains everything two players need to start: Warship squadron tokens, Command Cards, Planet Status Cards, dice, and tokens for tracking score, damage, and military convoys.

At its core, Kalidasia Fleet Commander is asymmetrical game of territorial control. The Surakari invaders are attempting to setup blockades to starve out the defenders while preparing for a final assault on the planet. Heragul forces are clearing out the shipping lanes and are desperately trying to buy time until a relief force can arrive. Warships are in limited supply. Time is your enemy. Combat is decisive. Deception is the difference between victory and defeat.

Albion Under Siege – Continue the Story of the Albion Prefecture

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Operation Octavius has failed. The Surakari turned captured asteroids into weapons and bombarded the surface of Kaylynn Six. Despite defenders holding off the aliens at Albion 8 and Cadre 4, the situation is still fragile.

Albion Under Siege continues the story of the battle for the Albion Prefecture as the Surakari renew their assault on Albion 8 and target the political world of Cadre 3. This expansion for Kalidasia Fleet Commander introduces those two new planets, five new command cards, and more warship tokens in order to fight even larger battles.

The fate of Albion still hangs in the balance. Command your fleets and make the choice to defend or destroy the Heragul Empire.

How to Play Kalidasia Fleet Commander

Kalidasia Fleet Commander – Game Play Overview

This video overview of Kalidasia Fleet Commander presents a short introduction to the game and some of its core mechanics.

Included with the starter set, Operation Octavius, are two planets: Kaylynn Six and Cadre 4. Each planet as its own set of rules which alter the tactics players will need to use in order to claim victory.

First Look – The Surakari Invaders

The Surakari Invaders deploy six different types of warship squadrons, including Draco Frigates, Delphinus Anti-Missile Frigates, and the Powerful Hydrus Command Class Battle Cruiser.

First Look – The Heragul Empire

To repel the alien invaders, the Heragul posses six different classes of warship squadrons including the iconic Hammerhead Frigate, the powerful Tiger Shark, and the imposing Lynx Battle Cruiser.

Kalidasia Fleet Commander: Operation Octavius Battle Reports

In this battle report, the Surakari lay siege to the planet of Kalynn Six.

Getting Started

Operation Octavius – Kalidasia Fleet Commander

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