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“Surakari forces have entered the Cadre system. Launch Operation Octavius. I repeat, launch Operation Octavius!” ~ Captain of the frigate Cadria 47


Kalidasia Fleet Commander is the new tabletop game of planetary defense. One player takes the role of the invading Surakari while the other commands the Heragul defenders. The fate of the Albion Prefecture is in your hands.

Kalidasia Fleet Commander Operation Octavius is available for sale.

Kalidasia Fleet Commander – Game Play Overview

Kalidasia Fleet Commander is played on an effectively circle orbital board with the planet in the center. The Heragul defender’s units start in the center of the game board while the Surakari attack from the edges. The goal of the Surakari is to break the will of the Defenders and destroy the economic potential of the planet.

The Surakari accomplish the goal by setting up a blockade of the planet, destroying transport convoys and eventually striking at the planet itself. In return the Heragul Empire must break through the blockade, win fights against the invaders and buy enough time in order for a relief force to arrive.

Being set in a Galaxy at War, combat plays an important role in Kalidasia Fleet Commander. Combat is designed to be a series of simple dice mechanics for missiles, guns, armor, and retreat checks. The most tactical element of combat comes in the form of Command Cards. These cards are another type of a limited resource, but each one is very powerful and they play an important role in claiming victory.

First Look – The Surakari Fleet

First Look – The Heragul Empire

Operation Octavius

Operation Octavius is the Starter set for Kalidasia Fleet Commander and it contains everything two players need to get started battling over the planets of Kaylynn Six and Cadre Four.

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Operation Octavius – Kalidasia Fleet Commander

The game of planetary siege in the Kalidasia Universe

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Captain Zar-X-Let of the Heragul Battleship Sarlet 1 – In orbit of the Krylan home world following the battle of Armageddon.