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Kalidasia Fleet Commander

The Game of Planetary Siege in the Albion Prefecture
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Legends of Kalidasia

A Squadron Scale Space Combat Miniatures Game
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This is an Empire Under Siege...This is Kalidasia

For 30,000 years the Heragul Empire stood against its enemies, but that changed when the Quartex Six was destroyed. The Invasion that the Surakari launched would quickly capture six planetary systems.

Even though the Heragul won the battle for the Minex system, the alien invasion continued at an even more terrifying rate. With the fall of Verlanda, the Surakari are now on the door step of economic powerhouse that is the Albion Prefecture.

The largest military formations since the birth of the Empire are mobilizing and the stakes in this fight are only growing higher.

In the chaos of the invasion, other threats to the Heragul are starting to be revealed. Terrorist attacks frequently strike the Thaylex occupied worlds, targeting Heragul and Thaylex alike. Protests calling for greater rights for the Krylan are spreading between planets and with the break down of negotiations at Barin Se-Kar, the agenda of the Colayth Guard remains shrouded in mystery.

This is an Empire Under Siege…This is Kalidasia

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The Roads to the Future are Paved with the Truths of the Past.

Ancient Krylan Proverb