The Kalidasia Universe

The Encounter at Barin Se-Kar [2013 – 2015]

The Encounter at Barin Se-Kar

Two weeks before the Surakari Invasion, A secretive branch of the Heragul military, called the Exterion Fleets, encountered a new alien race calling themselves the Colayth Guard. One encounter between the two races already turned violent. In order to prevent a two front war, the Heragul agreed to meet the Colayth Guard at a system they called Barin Se-Kar to discuss a peace treaty. However, the Surakari have learned about this meeting and intend to prevent it from being productive.

Current Campaign Standings

34 – Victory


“We have received a message from your Fleet Captain,” the Colayth Guard Ambassador said, “The Surakari forces have fallen back and many have jumped out of the system. He is requesting that you return to your fleet.”

“Did he give any details about the status of the fleet?” The Heragul captain asked, wondering why he still did not have a signal from the Heragul warships.

“Heavy casualties, but your ship survived the fighting” the Ambassador replied, “Negotiations will have to take place another day when security can be guaranteed.”

Just as the Heragul was about to turn and leave, his Krylan attendant asked, “As a token of friendship between the Empire and the Colayth Guard, may I present the Ambassador with a traditional Krylan greeting?”

The captain paused, stared at the Krylan, and then answered, “Certainly”

Stepping up to the Ambassor, the Krylan dropped to one knee and bowed his head, speaking in the native clicks and chirps of the Krylan language. In response, the much taller Colayth Guard bowed his head and then narrowed his eyes slightly at the closing of the Krylan statement. He answered back with a similar pattern of chirps.

The Krylan climbed back to a standing position and returned to the side of his Captain. The Captain nodded his head and headed back to his shuttle. As the door to the chamber closed behind the Heragul, one of the Ambassador’s honor guard stepped forward.

He commented, “I am not an expert in the Krylan language, but that did not sound like any greeting with which I am familiar.”

“It wasn’t,” the Ambassador stated, “We need to contact the Arbiters of Justice council immediately. The Krylan said ‘We are enslaved, please rescue us'”.

Campaign Episodes

Episode Five – Final Showdown

Saturday January 24th 2015, is WinterCon 2015 on the campus of Oakland University. Join Kalidasia Media Productions and fight the final battle of the Barin Se-Kar Campaign.

The Heragul Empire Won this scenario with a score of 8 to 6.

Episode Two – Through the Woods – Michicon 2014 – August 2nd 2014

For my 5th year, I will be returning to Michicon 2014 to host a battle from the Barin Se-Kar Campaign. Game time starts at 9Am on August 2nd. Michicon 2014 is held at Oakland University and more information can be found here:

Michicon 2014 Details.

Episode Four – December 7th – Shelter From the Storm

Despite initially holding the Surakari’s first wave off, the Colayth Guard fleet retreated to the safety of a ice ring around Barin Se-Kar as the second wave moved in. Initially, fortune shined down on the Colayth Guard as the time they bought during the previous episode allowed a small Heragul relief force to arrive. Even though the Heragul destroyed the attacking Surakari Squadron, all of the Colayth Guard ships were lost as well. While this scenario also ended in a Surakari defeat, the Colayth Guard have withdrawn from the fight. Now the Heragul must take the full brunt of the attack. Final Score here was 6 to 4 in favor of the Heragul / Colayth Guard Alliance.

Episode Three – November 30th 2013 – An Icy Grave

The Surakari have launched a two prong attack to stop the meeting at Barin Se-Kar. The Colayth Guard move to stop the Surakari attack over the frozen moon of Barin Se-Kar. Held at Herb Barent’s 7-11 on 14 and Ryan in Sterling Heights Michigan, the Colayth Guard dealt a pretty serious defeat to the Surakari by a score of 9 to 5.

Episode One – January 5th 2013

This battle took place at Herb Barent’s 7-11 store in Sterling Heights, MI. He sells hobby game items alongside the usual 7-11 merchandise.

This event started off the first episode of a new campaign: The Encounter at Barin Se-Kar. Heragul and Colayth Guard forces met to discuss a peace treaty, but the Surakari had other plans. In the opening scenario of the battle, the Surakari forces struck at the flanks of Heragul and Colayth Guard forces, disrupting the formations of both fleets.

The final score was Five to Four in favor of the Heragul / Colayth Guard Alliance.

Download the scenario here.

Violence is the language of the Surakari. Fortunately, it is one in which we are also very fluent.

The Andureen of the Heragul Empire after reading the summary of the first week of the war.