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Heroes of the Heragul

After six months of war, the Surakari have captured over thirty planetary systems and have pushed into the Albion Economic Prefecture. Being led by the Ky-Lon family, the initial defenders of Albion are facing the brunt of the Surakari until Operation Octavius can be launched.

Each player commands a squadron of Surakari or Heragul warships along with fighter support. Battle Cruisers and Destroyers provide heavy firepower while smaller Frigates fill various support roles.

Typical battles feature four to six warships and can be played in around 120 minutes. Several different scenarios are included with Heroes of the Heragul and more ways to play can be found on this website.

Heroes of the Heragul – Your Introduction into the Kalidasia Universe


Legends of Kalidasia: Heroes of the Heragul contains everything needed for two players to engage in space battles set in the Kalidasia Universe.

This starter set contains a Full Color Rulebook, 10 double sided warship stat cards, cards for tracking damage and upgrades to the warships, tokens for Warships and Fighter squadrons, and a large collection of status tokens.

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The line of Kalidasia warship and fighter miniatures can be added to the starter set in order to bring your Kalidasia battles to life.

The Best Parts of the 1st Edition Merge with the Best Parts of Space Combat


The efficient mechanics for sensors, energy management, and weapons fire return and are paired with a new fast paced movement system that captures the unique feel of space combat. Engagements are close quarter brutal slugfests that simulate the experience of heavily armed warships in epic battle.

Newtonian Mechanics without complexity.

Heroes of the Heragul introduces a unique and innovative system for adding Newtonian mechanics without math or complex stat tracking. The details of physics based space combat have been abstracted away using Kalidasia’s unique token design allowing Fleet Commander’s to focus on the tactics unique to space combat.

The effective “combat arc” of the warship changes based on the maneuver being performed during a warship’s activation. In addition, each warship is equipped with vectored thrusters, which expand the tactical options of warships even further.

Lead Your Squadron to Victory

Kalidasia battles are not won and lost by list building. Victory goes to the squadron commander which can out maneuver, out think, and out fight their opponent.

Heroes of the Heragul is only the Beginning…

The Kalidasia Universe is an ever changing experience. Future expansions will add more warships, more alien races, more scenarios, and will unveil of the future of the Heragul Empire. Assemble your warships, join a campaign, and forge your story within the Kalidasia Universe.

Explore the Kalidasia Universe.

How to Play Heroes of the Heragul

Overview of Heroes of the Heragul

This video provides a quick look at the new mechanics in Legends of Kalidasia: Heroes of the Heragul, including the abstracted physics which capture the feel of actual space combat.

How to Play Part 1

The first how to play video expands on the overview video and introduces the details of the core mechanics of battle. Learn how to move warships, resolve combat, and manage fighter squadrons in Heroes of the Heragul.

Using the Movement Templates

The optional movement template rules provides a faster, more efficient process for maneuvering warships in Legends of Kalidasia battles. While these rules can be used for any game setting, they make an excellent edition for the faster play environment of tournaments.

How to Play Part 2

Learn how build your squadron of warships and how to setup a Legends of Kalidasia battle with this video.

Kaylynn Six Battle Report

The planet of Kaylynn Six in the Albion Prefecture is under siege from the Surakari. This battle report shows an entire play through of a Legends of Kalidasia battle. The fate of this battle will affect the fate of the Kalidasia Universe.

Battle Reports

Orbital Contain Beta – Heragul vs Surakari – Competitive Battle Report.

Getting Started

Heroes of the Heragul Starter Set

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FAQ, Eratta, and Other Documents

I would agree that the Tiger Shark is a beautiful machine, but why must efficiency be measured in how quickly we can kill each other?

Excerpt from a pamphlet found circulating in the Messich District of the Heragul Empire.