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Spotlight: Arglye Frigate

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April 8 2012

Argyle Frigate

Without active armor, all Colayth Guard Warships will perform and degrade at a different rate than their Surakari or Heragul cousins. Their warships can often hold up to a round of opposing weapon fire without suffering any noticeable consequences, but the collapse point for a Colayth Guard warship occurs sooner than with the other races. However, point values for the Colayth Guard warships are slightly higher than other races, due in part to their increased firepower. The Argyle Frigate can theoretically output 14 points of damage in one turn, compared to the 8 points and 10 points of the Heragul and Surakari Frigates. It accomplishes this higher output thanks to a new special ability called ‘Reactor Cycle’. The main weapon on the Argyle can have reactor power siphoned directly into it in order to allow it to make up to three attacks against the same target in one turn. This high damage value makes the Argyle both a powerful hunter and an effective fleet escort.