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Spotlight: Dryden Heavy Destroyer

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April 17 2012

Of all the warships that shouldn’t be near an enemy warship, the Dryden tops the list. It only has two weapon batteries, but both are devastating. Essentially combining the Heragul Destroyer and Heragul Seeking Missile Destroyer into one warship, the Dryden has four powerful Anti-Matter missile launchers and two Anti-Matter Disruptors. The Anti-Matter Disruptors feature a new weapon special equipment, reactive, which adds a random amount of damage to the attack. On a lucky roll, the Dryden’s main battery could possibly inflict more damage than the main battery of the Heragul Battleship.(In case you are wondering, a handful of people have witnessed the power of the Heragul Battleship) The best use of the warship is to have a Arcadia pin an enemy in place while a Dryden stands off at maximum range and literally blasts the target to pieces.