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Oscoda Escort Carrier

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June 4 2012

Oscoda Carrier No other warship currently in Legends of Kalidasia can be compared to the Oscoda because this warship is the first fighter carrier to appear in the game. Anyone who has played Legends of Kalidasia knows that all warships can carry fighters into battle, but only the Oscoda can continue to the launch them after the battle has begun. Each turn this warship can either launch two Larkin fighter wings, or a single Evartt strike craft. While the Oscoda carries eight long range cannons, it cannot hold its own against the similar priced battle cruisers. At the start of the battle, keep it back to pick off enemy warships that break through the main battle line and launch Larkins to tip the fighter battle in your favor. By the end of the fight, deploy a couple of Evartt strike craft to deliver a decisive killing blow to the enemy.