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Kaylynn 5 Episode 05 – Hidden Lights

February 27 2017

Kar-Al-Lynn lead Alendar out of a cavern and into a vast chamber. A handful of Heragul installed lamps filled the chamber with a dim glow. Alendar walked to the edge of a cliff and peered over the ledge. Several Meters below, there was no ice. Liquid water boiled, spitting vapor in the vacuum surrounding them. The gas spit into the air and froze as each droplet contacted the chamber walls. Alendar’s suit chirped and his hud flashed at the high levels of radioactivity coming from the water below. Deep within the black boiling lagoon, multiple faint purple lights pulsed in a breathing rhythm.

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Kaylynn 5 Episode 04 – Firefight

February 26 2017

Alendar turned back to the caverns and sprinted as fast as he could across the ice fields. He was running straight into the enemy invasion force, but he knew it would be impossible to hide outside on the plains of ice.

“Maybe the complex tunnel system could conceal me,” he thought.

In addition, somewhere in those tunnels was a double chance to survive. The doubling of odds that were next to zero were still next to zero, but it was a better chance than the one that he had now.

The Krylan shook his left wrist and a translucent blue energy shield flashed out. Reaching behind his back with his right hand, he popped open a secret compartment in his suit’s power cell, and withdrew a pistol. Alendar was ready for a fight.

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Kaylynn 5 Episode 03 – Abandoned

February 25 2017

Alendar raced back from the mountains. His search had failed to find Kar-Al-Lynn. About two Kilometers away from the cavern system, his mission timer read two hours and eight minutes.

“I still have plenty to get back to the research station,” he thought.

On the edge of the horizon, an overwhelming glow filled the sky. Alendar’s visor darkened to dim the bright light as he froze in place. The glow pulsed and flashed as it rose from the ground and into space.

Even though he knew the answer, Alendar called the station and asked, “Alendar to station, What is your status?”

“Hal-Ax-Ti heard the transmission as his team raced from the surface. He simply didn’t reply and kept focusing on the trajectory laid out on the screen in front of him.”

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Kaylynn 5 Episode 02 – Deadline

February 24 2017

“Explosive Decompression on Kaylanna 31! Several critical systems are offline. It is dead in the water.”

“Continue targeting the Gun Boat,” Mali-Lon ordered.

“Orbital reversal complete, fuel level at 78%,” her helmsmen stated.

The Tiger Shark pursued the Surakari warship, throwing fire cannon shells towards it flank.

“Targeting solution acquired, 80% probability of hit Captain”

“Fire Torpedo!”

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Kaylynn Five Episode 01 – Evacuation

February 23 2017

“Equal tonnage?” Captain Mali-Lon asked her sensor officer.

“I will double check,” the sensor officer paused for a few seconds, “Correct, equal tonnage”

Mali-Loin returned her eyes to the wall spanning sensor screen and she gently rapped her fingers on the arm rest of her captain’s chair.

“The Surakari never fight fair. Reinforcements must be coming,” she stated aloud.

“Nothing new on Sensors captain. The last warship jumped in about ten minutes ago.”

“Do they know we are here? Maybe they were not expecting us at this planet.”

“With the planet between us and them, any line of sight sensors they have won’t help, but we will be on the other side of the planet in about fifteen minutes. We won’t stay hidden for long.”

Thinking back her days of gravitational physics, Mali-Lon commented, “If our estimation of Kaylynn 5’s mass was off, we would likely get some really crazy numbers on the fleet mass. How long until the Surakari arrive?”

“Two to three hours depending on their final rate of acceleration.”

“Alright, lets get the scientists off the planet. Chart a clear course of orbital escape.”

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