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The Kalidasia Universe: Theatrical Trailer

October 2 2015


Introducing the 2015 Kalidasia Universe Theatrical Trailer.

Legends of Kalidasia: Legends of Kalidasia.

Kalidasia Fleet Commander: Kalidasia Fleet Commander.

More on the Story: The Kalidasia Universe.

S03E09 – Game Production – Beyond Kalidasia

October 1 2015


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For the final episode of this season, I go over the production process I used for Kalidasia Fleet Commander.

S03E08 – The Release Candidate Phase – Beyond Kalidasia

September 17 2015


All Episodes: Beyond Kalidasia:
Kalidasia Fleet Commander: Kalidasia Fleet Commander

Episode 8 is out and there is only one more after this one. The Release Candidate phase is the last phase before production and it is all about getting your game ready for production. On this episode, I talk about some basic printing terminology and cover the last few steps needed to turn your game into a final product.

Introducing the Krylan

September 15 2015


The Krylan are an ancient race. Their recorded history goes back well over a million years and is filled with tales of war. In the beginning, the Krylan, along with their Angels of Fire allies, waged a massive interstellar campaign against a race called the ancient enemy. Jump forward to 30,000 years ago and it didn’t take long for war to break out shortly after the Krylan encountered the Heragul. Despite their obvious technological advantage, the relatively small Krylan population couldn’t stand up to the countless numbers of the Heragul. Eventually, they were forced into the Empire as slaves and they have remained in that condition to this day.

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Battle Report: Kaylynn Six – Albion Campaign

August 30 2015


The Surakari forces are invading Kaylynn Six, can the Heragul Defenders hold the line against the aliens? Find out in this Kalidasia Fleet Commander Battle Report:

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