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Painting the Oscoda Episode 1

December 4 2016


In this first episode of painting the Oscoda Escort Carrier Miniature live stream, I talk about the process I used to paint the various miniatures used in product photos.

Surakari Interceptor Squadron Now Available for Sale

October 17 2016


Surakari forces can now escort their warship miniatures with the fearsome Interceptor miniatures. These fighters plasma weapons are effectively equally against enemy fighters well as enemy warships. Each pack contains 16 plastic fighters which can be assembled into four Surakari Interceptor wings.

Purchase these fighters on the Surakari Miniature Page in our online store.


New Surakari Draco and Delphinus Miniature Kit Now Available

September 29 2016


The first new Surakari miniature kit in several years is here. With this $10 kit, either a Surakari Draco(prime) frigate or a Delphinus(Anti-Missile) frigate can be built. Combining a pewter hull with 3D printed weapons, this kit improves the detail of the miniature greatly over the previous frigate. Currently this stand alone kit is the only way to acquire the new figure.

Purchase the new Surakari frigate kit here.


The Heragul Hunter 3D Model Now Available

September 17 2016


The Heragul Hunter 3D Model can now be downloaded. This is the original 3D model used to make the official Legends of Kalidasia Miniatures. It measures about 1cm by 1cm.

Download the model here(You might need to right click and choose save as…Firefox might want to try and open a blender file for some reason…)

More details about working with the miniature and license details can be found on the 3D Models Page.

Heragul ElSorin Frigate
Heragul Hunter

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Equipped with two high velocity Gatling Guns, the Heragul Hunter is the premiere space fighter for the Empire military. With its guns being mounted on turrets, this fighter is excellent at engaging enemy fighters, inflicting critical damage on warships, and destroying enemy missiles.

Some variations of the Heragul space fighter are capable of atmospheric operations, allowing them to function as strike bombers for ground forces. However, most Hunters used in the atmosphere are actually a completely different atmospheric only fighter that shares the Hunter name.

This 3D Printed miniature kit includes everything needed to assemble four Heragul Hunter Wings.

Figure Sizes:
Each Hunter Wing is about .75″ by .75″

Legends of Kalidasia pewter/resin models are supplied unpainted and require assembly. They contain small parts and are for ages 13+. Keep these figures away from young children. Figures shown on the box are not to scale and the contents of the package may differ from the images shown on the box. Legends of Kalidasia figures are scale miniatures intended for gamers and collectors. Preparation work, such as cleaning, may be required prior to assembly and painting. Legends of Kalidasia is copyright Kalidasia Media Productions LLC 2010. P.O Box 4628 Troy, MI 48099. Please retain this packaging for future reference. Recommended tools include a hobby knife, cyanoacrylate glue, and a file.

Shipping and Handling for United States Addresses for the Legends of Kalidasia Product Line is $6. This applies to all products managed by Kalidasia Media Productions. Shipping and Handling for Canada costs $16, while the shipping and handling costs for all other countries is $21. A 6% sales tax will applied to all orders being shipped to the State of Michigan. All products are shipped from the United States and the shipping costs do not cover local taxes and fees.

Unknown Surakari Frigate Configuration Detected

September 15 2016


“Those Delphinus Frigates are not falling back Captain. They just keep crisscrossing the Surakari fleet destroying as many of our javelin’s as possible.”

“How are they still maintaining that level of agility after two hours?” the Captain pondered, “No known Surakari frigate configuration can operate at maximum combat performance for more than an hour. Launch several camera probes. We need to see what those things are and give the probes some hunter escorts.”

Warships strafed each other, pumping cannons and plasma beams into each others hulls. The capital ship squadrons executed wide sweeping turns chasing and feigning retreat. Fighters orbited the enemy targets, tearing open vital systems.

Several Surakari interceptors erupted in flashes of light as Hunter Gatling guns chewed through fuel tanks. The path to the Delphinus frigates had opened up and all four camera probes remained in tow. Two javelin missiles snagged the attention of the frigates, allowing each of the probes a pass of the warships, transmitting up close images and detailed thermal readings of the ship’s hulls.

Barely muttering, the captain examined the pictures, “That’s how they are doing it. Nearly the whole hull is a heat sink and those armor panels,” he paused, “They look like modern active armor. This must be a new class of Surakari Frigate.”

“What should we do?”

The captain answered, “Get us out of the fight and find a clear path for a message probe to reach jump distance. The Sarlet District Military command needs to know about this new warship. It may be a sign of things to come.”

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