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Heragul / Colayth Guard Win the Final Barin Se-Kar Episode

January 28 2015


With WinterCon 2015 over, the Barin Se-Kar campaign has come to a conclusion. The Heragul / Colayth Guard side won the final showdown as the Heragul warships rallied around their battleship and broke the Surakari offensive. With this win, the Heragul / Colayth Guard have also won the campaign. The final story should be up within the next few days and it will begin to setup the next major story arc in the Kalidasia Universe.

Wintercon 2015 – January 24th 2015

January 20 2015

This Saturday, January 24th 2015, is WinterCon 2015 on the campus of Oakland University. Join Kalidasia Media Productions and fight the final battle of the Barin Se-Kar Campaign.

Beyond Kalidasia S02E10 – Planning out a Website for Your Game

December 31 2014

Having a website is an important part of marketing your Independent Tabletop Game. Everyone has an opinion on a website should be setup, so if you want to hear mine, check out this episode of Beyond Kalidasia.

Beyond Kalidasia S02E09 – Marketing Your Game

December 18 2014

Marketing your independent game is never an easy task. In this episode, I talk about some of the common ways to market your game and what should expect from those tactics.

Beyond Kalidasia – S02 E08 – Creating Convention Scenarios

December 6 2014

A good game experience at a convention will make a difference when it comes to selling copies of your game. On this episode of Beyond Kalidasia I talk about my successes and failures of running convention games.

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