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Beyond Kalidasia – S03E02 Alpha Design Kit

March 26 2015

Season 3 of Beyond Kalidasia continues with a discussion on how to build an Alpha Design Kit. This kit is a collection of tools and materials that are needed in order to create prototypes of your game. These are prototypes that you will use to test out the various ideas you have for your game.

It was actually episode 4 of Beyond Kalidasia:

Beyond Kalidasia S03E01 – The Three Fundamental Forces of Game Design

February 27 2015

Welcome to the first episode for Beyond Kalidasia Season 3. On this season, I am going to take you through the entire process I use to create games with Kalidasia Fleet Commander as an example.

The Kalidasia Universe:

Fleet Commander Kickstarter:
Fleet Commander Kickstarter

My Week in 8 Min – Alpha Fleet Commander:

Interview over at

February 4 2015

Last week, I took some time to answer some questions from Nathan from, a site about 3D Printing and tabletop games. We talked about my history of game development and of course, how 3D printing plays into the Kalidasia product line. You can read full article at the following address:

Introducing Kalidasia Fleet Commander

February 1 2015


Kalidasia Fleet Commander is the new tabletop game of planetary defense. One player takes the role of the invading Surakari while the other commands the Heragul defenders. The fate of the Albion Prefecture is in your hands.

Being an asymmetric game, the Heragul and Surakari have different objectives to complete. As a result, the tactics used by both sides are quite different. Since this game is set in the Kalidasia Universe, players of the Legends miniatures game will recognize many warships and find them playing similar roles.

The full details of the game can be found here.

Heragul / Colayth Guard Win the Final Barin Se-Kar Episode

January 28 2015


With WinterCon 2015 over, the Barin Se-Kar campaign has come to a conclusion. The Heragul / Colayth Guard side won the final showdown as the Heragul warships rallied around their battleship and broke the Surakari offensive. With this win, the Heragul / Colayth Guard have also won the campaign. The final story should be up within the next few days and it will begin to setup the next major story arc in the Kalidasia Universe.

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