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Heragul El-Sorin Hammerhead 3D Model now Available

August 19 2016


The 3D Model for the El-Sorin Hammerhead Hull is now available. As with all other Kalidasia Miniatures, the source 3D files are made available under a creative common license, allowing you to create your own custom versions.


For more information on these files, including detailed license information, please visit the following product page: Kalidasia 3D Models

Heragul Costume Building – Thursdays on

July 20 2016


Every Thursday at 6:30pm EDT, I work on a Heragul Empire Hostile Atmosphere armor suit, live on

Here is the plan for upcoming episodes:

Thursday 7/21/2016: Torso Armor Straps and the Back of the Helmet.
Thursday 7/28/2016: Body Armor Sections and Either the Visor or the Jackhammer Carbine.
Thursday 8/4/2016: Visor and Jackhammer Carbine and finishing the helmet.


Surakari Combat Force Price Reduction

June 28 2016


The price of the Surakari Combat Force has been reduced to $35. This box set is a great way to start a Surakari Fleet for Legends of Kalidasia. It contains three frigate miniatures, two destroyer miniatures, and one battle cruiser miniature.

Purchase the Surakari Combat Force


Learn More about Legends of Kalidasia

Heragul Claim a Minor Victory at Cadre 4

June 20 2016

Phase 2: Heragul Minor Victory

Follow the Albion Campaign

“It has been said many times that war is profitable,” announced the host of the stock trading show, “but Sy-Lee-Lin, owner of the entire food production industry on Cadre 4 has found a way to get rich quick without selling weapons”

A map of the Albion prefecture materialized behind the host and the camera raced in towards Cadre 4. Surakari icons appeared around the planet.

“For six months, the corner of the Sarlet District has been under siege from an alien race called the Surakari. Despite being devastating to that region of the Empire, many citizens still don’t pay much attention to the conflict. At least for the money sector, that changed this week.”

The background changed to a Shale plant.

“Cadre 4 is the only home to the Shale plant. It is popular across the empire as a food delicacy. This week, the Surakari attacked Cadre 4 and based on rumors, they had forces on the planet for some time. Well timed reinforcements from Cadre 3 helped to break the blockade and push the Surakari back, but the attack is not over. During this attack, several transports carrying Shale exports were destroyed.”

Once again, the background morphed and a line graph appeared, with a rapidly growing line.

“It is against this backdrop that brings us back to the economy. It was during the past week that price of the Shale planet skyrocketed. Supply did not drop very much, but the panic of the invasion caused many to purchase much more than their normal amounts. The price still seems to be rising, but its a dangerous game for all involved, including Sy-Lee-Lin. Gamble on war, and eventually you lose.”


Phase 2 of the Albion Campaign – The Battle for Cadre 4 has Ended

June 3 2016


Phase 2 of the Albion Campaign has concluded. The results will be posted in a few days. Currently, the Surakari lead 5 to 4, but as with Phase 1, that does not mean the Surakari will earn another win.

Phase 3, the siege of Albion 8 will begin a little later this year.

For the latest updates to the Albion Campaign, check out the The Campaign Page.

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