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Beyond Kalidasia S03E05 – Beta Phase Overview

June 30 2015

Season 3 of Beyond Kalidasia continues with an overview of the Beta Phase of my Tabletop Game Design Process


Kalidasia Fleet Commander Operation Octavius – June 30th 2015

June 7 2015


Kalidasia Fleet Commander: Operation Octavius, the first starter set for the new tabletop game of planetary siege has a release date of June 30th.


Beyond Kalidasia S03E04 – The Alpha Design Phase

May 12 2015

The Alpha Design Phase is the first step in creating your tabletop game. On this episode, I will talk about the goals, the methods, and some tips to help you get your tabletop game off to the right start.

Beyond Kalidasia S03E03 – Overview of the Game Design Process

April 30 2015

Season 3 of Beyond Kalidasia continues with a look at the overall design process I use for tabletop games. My process includes four steps:

  • Alpha Design Phase
  • Beta Design Phase
  • Release Candidate Phase
  • Production Phase

Beyond Kalidasia – S03E02 Alpha Design Kit

March 26 2015

Season 3 of Beyond Kalidasia continues with a discussion on how to build an Alpha Design Kit. This kit is a collection of tools and materials that are needed in order to create prototypes of your game. These are prototypes that you will use to test out the various ideas you have for your game.

It was actually episode 4 of Beyond Kalidasia:

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