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Beyond Kalidasia S02E09 – Marketing Your Game

December 18 2014

Marketing your independent game is never an easy task. In this episode, I talk about some of the common ways to market your game and what should expect from those tactics.

Beyond Kalidasia – S02 E08 – Creating Convention Scenarios

December 6 2014

A good game experience at a convention will make a difference when it comes to selling copies of your game. On this episode of Beyond Kalidasia I talk about my successes and failures of running convention games.

Beyond Kalidasia – S02 E07 – Comments and Opinions

November 28 2014

Everyone will have an opinion about your game. Today I will talk a little bit how to handle these diverse comments.

Surakari and Heragul Frigate Variation 3D Models Now Available

October 17 2014

The upgrade kits for the Heragul AA Frigate, the Surakari Anti-Missile Frigate and the Surakari Plasma Missile Boat are now available for download as .blend files. You can find the files at the links below:

All of the other 3D models are available for download on our 3D Models Product page.

Kalidasia Standard White Space Mats are on Sale – Sold Out

October 7 2014

Update 10/17/2014: All of the standard white star maps have been sold. Thank you to everyone for their interest in this sale!. All of our other terrain products are still available for sale.

This sale is the beginning of a transition in the terrain line for Legends of Kalidasia. The standard white space mats, which launched our terrain line of products, is being phased out. With the release of the newer Reflection Nebula Felt and Vinyl Mats, the remaining stock of the standard space mats are being sold off at half price.

The 6′ x 4′ Mat is only $20 and the 3′ x 3′ Mat is $10. These mats can be purchased in our Products Section

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