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Heragul Anti-Fighter Frigate Miniature Now Available

March 26 2014


The Legends of Kalidasia Miniature releases continue for 2014 with the Heragul Anti-Fighter(AA) Frigate. These 3D printed Gatling guns replace the javelin missile launchers of the Frigate Prime to give your Heragul Squadron much improved performance against enemy fighters.

This frigate is available as a stand alone miniature for $9 or two of the new weapon upgrades are also included with the $50 Heragul Combat Force Box Set. Both of these items can be purchased on our Products Page.

Beyond Kalidasia S02E05 – Workflow of a How to Paint Video

March 20 2014

In this episode, I walk through the workflow used to create a miniature painting tutorial like the Surakari Miniature one I posted several days ago.

And Yes, I realize that I used a lot of rough cuts in this video.

How to Paint a Surakari Miniature

Spring Event Schedule

March 19 2014


I have compiled my complete Spring Event Schedule and here it is:

Pro or Con Spring 2014 – March 29th 2014 in Westland Michigan

Stop by my Vendor Table to play some small demos of Legends of Kalidasia. More information about the event can be found at Pro or Con’s website

Warriors 3 Comics and Games – April 12th in Wayne Michigan

Stop by Warriors 3 Comic and Games in Wayne Michigan on April 12th between 2pm and 6pm for some Legends of Kalidasia Squadron Combat.

Penguicon 2014 – May 3rd to the 5th in Southfield, MI

I will be returning to Penguicon to give a presentation on 3D Printing and the Future of the Tabletop Game Industry. I’m going try and take over a gaming table or two for a few hours to run some Barin Se-Kar battles.

New Website Has Launched

February 28 2014

new-site has a completely new design. However, the overall layout of the site should be just about the same as it has been in the past.

Surakari Battle Cruiser and Destroyer Miniatures Now Available

February 19 2014

It has been a really long time, almost three years, since these figures were available for sale as stand alone items. Now, after sorting out some shipping issues, these two miniatures are back on sale as stand alone kits.

The Battle Cruiser’s retail price is $13, while the Destroyer is available for $11.

Both figures can be purchased through our Products page.

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