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Albion Campaign – Submit Your Game Results

February 7 2016


The Submission form for the Kaylynn Six Albion Campaign phase is open. Each Kalidasia product can be used to submit a single game result for either Legends of Kalidasia or Kalidasia Fleet Commander. These results will be factored into the overall outcome of this campaign phase.

The Legends of Kalidasia Scenario is a 75 point game between two planetary assault fleets while the Kalidasia Fleet Commander scenario is Kaylynn Six. However, any scenario can be played.

You can submit your results Here

Kalidasia Battle Report – Kaylynn Six Episode 01

February 1 2016


Watch the Complete Battle Report Here

When the Surakari attacked Kaylynn Six, we didn’t know what intelligence they had gathered about their target. When one of the smaller squadrons, identified as Beta Squadron, headed straight for the orbital mineral refinery, I gambled…


Download the Scenario Here

Dryden Heavy Destroyer Miniature is Now Available

January 26 2016


Rise of the Surakari

The Exterion Fleets

The First of the Colayth Guard Miniatures – the Dryden Heavy Destroyer is available for sale:

Purchase the Dryden Destroyer and all Colayth Guard Miniatures

Dryden-Heavy-Destroyer02 Dryden-Heavy-Destroyer

WinterCon 2016 and the Battle for Kaylynn Six

January 20 2016


2016 begins with WinterCon and a battle in the Kaylynn Six story arc. This event takes place o Saturday January 23rd, 2016 on the Campus of Oakland University.

The Albion Campaign

More information about the event can be found here:

3D Model for Colayth Guard Dryden Heavy Destroyer Now Available

January 6 2016


As with all other Kalidasia Miniatures, the 3D Model for the Colayth Guard Dryden Heavy Destroyer is now available. It can be downloaded at the link below:

While this 3D Model is not exactly the production miniature, it has been successfully used to create several prototype miniatures. The final miniature should be available for sale soon.


Additional 3D Models are available here:

Kalidasia 3D Models

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