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Designing the Peregrine Miniature – Episode 01

May 21 2017

The current Kalidasia Live series covers the development of the Heragul Peregrine miniature for Legends of Kalidasia. This is the next miniature planned for release(after the Lynx of course.)

For the first episode, I cover the basic process of creating the concept art for the new ship. Starting with some basic shapes, I refine the design and add details until I get a complete top down view of the warship.

The Summary video contains the short version of the live show while the full one hour show can be found here.

Watch the Summary Video on youTube


Follow along with the series on our Twitch Channel each week at 8pm EDT(GMT-5).

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First Look at the Second Beta of the Legends of Kalidasia Competitive Pack

May 20 2017

Development of the Competitive Rules Pack for Legends of Kalidasia continues along and a second beta of the rules should be available soon. The biggest change in this update is a further refined set of movement rules. These movement rules will be quite close to the ones found in the Heroes of the Heragul starter set, but a new set of movement templates makes plotting, measuring, and tracking firing positions, much faster than the movement system included with the first competitive beta.

This rule pack should be available for download within the next week.

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Albion Campaign – Phase 3 Conclusion

April 21 2017

Albion 8 – Heragul Minor Victory

The short stack of papers crashed down and flooded across the desk.

“Are there more reports like this?” the council lead asked?

“There is a new one every other or day or so,” the adviser responded.

“So much for the Albion Prefecture standing as one against the Surakari. Does anyone know when the Cadre system made a deal with Caldera?”

“No sir,” the adviser replied, “Warships with Calderan squadron markings started appearing in the orbit of Cadre 3 about two weeks ago. So far, there have been no reports of Calderan warships deployed elsewhere in the prefecture.”

The council lead sighed, “I’m the deciding vote for the target of Operation Octavius. The council is split between Cadre Four and Kaylynn six. [Food Guy] has done a good job of casting Kaylynn Six as a lost cause. Maybe we now know how Cadre 4 could have held back the Surakari.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Kaylynn Six maybe lost. We have not heard anything from them for almost a week. We have to assume the planet is under a full Surakari blockade. In addition, a science team had to be evacuated from Kaylynn Five under a firefight. The alien presence is growing in that system. However, the Albion Prefecture has held together because we stood as one and didn’t seek back stabbing deals. Cadre will need to be taught a lesson.”

The council leader paused for a few seconds, consumed by thought.

“Operation Octavius is going to Kaylynn Six,” he stated.

Watch the End Phase Video.

Orbital Contain Battle Report – Legends of Kalidasia

April 1 2017

This battle report for Legends of Kalidasia is using the first beta of the upcoming competitive rules pack as well as the beta stat card for the Heragul Maned Wolf Missile Destroyer. The Orbital Contain objective divides the battlefield into two and sets the objective for the players to control their own half of the battlefield while contesting the opposing player’s half. For secondary objectives, the squadrons are trying to inflict warship kills while trying to keep as many of their own alive as possible.

The Heragul and Surakari brought 75 point squadrons to the table. While the Heragul mostly deployed as a single group, with the exception of the Maned Wolf, the Surakari deployed in a scattered line. It was the plan of the Heragul to use the Maned Wolf destroyer to contest the Surakari side of the battlefield, but this ship was intercepted by the larger Hydrus Battle Cruiser and a Delphinus Frigate.

Read the Rest of the Battle Report

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First Beta of the Heroes of the Heragul Competitive Scenario Pack

March 29 2017

A competitive scenario pack for Legends of Kalidasia: Heroes of the Heragul has been under development. This pack will introduce three primary objectives and three secondary objectives that will combine to create a set of standard scenarios for Legends of Kalidasia. The first beta, which includes one of the primary objectives and two of the secondary objectives is available for download.

In addition to the new objectives, an alternative set of movement rules in included to speed up the movement of warships while still capturing the feel of the narrative rules included with Heroes of the Heragul.

Download the Beta(PDF). New Beta versions will be available later in the year.

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