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Vinyl Reflection Nebula Space Mats Now Available

August 8 2014


Kalidasia Media Productions, LLC is expanding its line of space battle mats to include ones painted on sturdy vinyl. In addition to being a better playing surface, vinyl also allows for the most beautiful and clean artwork yet. Currently, the only size available is 4 feet by 3 feet and this mat is priced at $40. Check out the mat here.


A 6′ by 4′ mat should be out later this year.

Michicon 2014

July 19 2014

For my 5th year, I will be returning to Michicon 2014 to host a battle from the Barin Se-Kar Campaign. Game time starts at 9Am on August 2nd. Michicon 2014 is held at Oakland University and more information can be found here: Michicon 2014 Details.

New Heragul Artwork

July 2 2014


As promised, next up in terms of new artwork is the new Heragul image. Shown here is a female Heragul army soldier in desert camo.


Pre-Painted Asteroids are Back in Stock

July 1 2014

After a short delay, my Pre-Painted Asteroid Packs are back in stock and available for sale.

Overview of Legends of Kalidasia Mechanics Videos

May 27 2014

I have created two new videos to help new players learn players about the mechanics of Legends of Kalidasia:

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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