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Penguicon 2016 Schedule

April 23 2016


Penguicon 2016 is just a week away and Kalidasia Media Productions will be running several events.

Kalidasia Fleet Commander – Saturday April 30th 3pm

On Saturday, I will be running a four player game of Kalidasia Fleet Commander. This event will be part of the Cadre 4 Phase of the Albion Campaign.

Exo-Planet Art Tutorial – Saturday April 30th at 2pm and 7pm

Also on Saturday, I will be hosting two talks on the basics of Exo-Planet artwork. This is the style of artwork I use for the various planets in the Kalidasia Universe


Earlier this week, I ran through a practice of my Exo-Planet Tutorial. That video can be found here:

Cadre 4 Scenarios are Available

April 12 2016


Learn More About the Albion Campaign

The scenarios for Phase 2 of the Albion Campaign, the Battle of Cadre 4, have been released.

Legends of Kalidasia features a Convoy Escort Scenario. Download the PDF Here.

Kalidasia Fleet Commander players can play a Cadre 4 battle.


Afterwards, be sure to submit your results.

Colayth Guard Combat Force Set Now Available

March 29 2016


Purchase the new Colayth Guard Combat Force Set

Several weeks before the Surakari Invasion, the Heragul encountered a mysterious race called the Colayth Guard exploring the systems near the border of the Sarlet District. In just a few months, these aliens went from enemies of the empire to impromptu allies. With the Colayth Guard being interested in the fate of the Krylan, this unstable alliance was based on keeping the truth of the Krylan enslavement from the new aliens.

This new box set contains six miniatures: One Oscoda Escort Carrier, Two Dryden Heavy Destroyers, and Three Argyle Frigates.


With the conclusion of the Barin Se-Kar Campaign, the Arbiters of Justice have learned of the Heragul’s deception. These fanatical crusaders are preparing to free the Krylan, while other factions within the Colayth Guard are looking to stand with the Heragul against the Surakari.


With the release of the Colayth Guard Box Set, it is time to command the Colayth Guard squadrons as never before and battle for the future of the Heragul Empire…what ever that future may entail is up to you and your agenda.

Albion Campaign Phase 1 – Finale

March 27 2016

Phase 1: Surakari Minor Victory

“Of course the engine cooling system production has slowed significantly. We have never kept much inventory of the raw materials here,” the factory manager sighed as she read over the message from Caldera.

“What’s exactly the complaint about this time?” the accountant inquired.

“The ship master from Caldera is complaining about how he can’t meet his quota of warship production because we can’t meet our quota for producing the engine cooling systems.”

The factory manager rose from her seat, glared out the window and across the frozen landscape of Albion Eight.

She continued, “The shipments of mineral resources from Kaylynn Six have dropped 75% since the Surakari attacked it. I haven’t even checked today to see if we even control the planet.”

“The ship master is going to want an answer,” the account calmly stated, “I ran the numbers and if we lose this contract, then no one is going to be happy.”

“Losing the contact is what you are worried about? Two neighboring systems are under siege from a race of insects. I would be worried more about losing this planet.”The factory manager ran her hand down the back of her head and neck, navigating the contours of the Heragul muscular structure.

“I have an answer for them. One Caldera will certainly understand,” the factory manager responded, “Send warships…Like you promised to do.”

Pro or Con Spring Battlefields – March 12th 2016

March 9 2016


This Saturday, March 12th 2016, Kalidasia Media Productions will be attending Pro or Con Spring Battlefields. At 9AM, I will be running the first game in the next phase of the Albion Campaign – The invasion of Cadre 4.

Follow the Albion Campaign.

For more information, you can visit the The Pro or Con Site.

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