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Legends of Kalidasia

Legends of Kalidasia – Overview


Stream-Lined Space Combat

Legends of Kalidasia was designed to focus on tactics, not details. As a result, this game is accessible to all levels of players. Spend your time planning your fleet’s movement and attacks, not how much energy each of your warship’s systems require.

Despite this stream-lined design, many traditional space combat concepts, like fire control, energy management, and critical system damage are still part of game. Instead of slowing down game play, these concepts in Legends of Kalidasia force players to make simple, but important choices, as to how their fleet will claim victory.

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One Starter Set – Unlimited Possibilities

Legends of Kalidasia only requires a single set to experience a universe of possibilities. The Rise of the Surakari with Admiral Rules Pack includes everything one player needs to get started with Space Combat in the Kalidasia universe. Including over 80 tokens for warships, fighter wings, and support craft, this starter set allows players to create battles of all sizes with a variety of objectives.

Expansion sets, such as the Fleet Packs, provide reinforcements and new weapons to Heragul and Surakari fleets, while the Exterion Fleets introduces the Colayth Guard into the Kalidasia story. Battles can be brought to life with official Legends of Kalidasia figures and with our hand painted star maps.

Fight for the Future of Kalidasia

Unlike other games which have a universe with a stuck pause button, Legends of Kalidasia exists in a dynamic and ever changing universe. New factions will join the fight and star systems will change hands as the story is revealed. Events that occur at game conventions have already changed the history of Kalidasia and they will continue to do so well into the future. Pictured here is the battle for Minex 4, in which the Heragul captains drove back the attacking Surakari.

The Kalidasia universe will extend beyond the game board. A complete trilogy of short stories is already for sale on popular e-reader devices and in the future, Legends of Kalidasia will be brought to other platforms in ways that are designed to maximize that medium’s narrative capabilities.

The Roads to the Future are Paved with the Truths of the Past.

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