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Designing the Peregrine Miniature – Episode 02

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May 25 2017

The current Kalidasia Live series covers the development of the Heragul Peregrine miniature for Legends of Kalidasia. This is the next miniature planned for release(after the Lynx of course.)

For the second episode, I continued to work on the concept art for the miniature. This time, I created the front and side views. Creating all of the different views as concept art solves two problems:

First, it brings a lot of clarity to what the final 3D model will look like. When only a top down concept art exists for a miniature, it is very easy to imagine a 3D object which is either impossible to exist or one that is not actually represented by the top down view. Therefore, by having the different side views, it is easy to correct any of these problems in a form which is much faster to develop and change than a 3D Model.

Second, it makes it much easier to figure out if the final miniature will actually be castable without breaking it apart into multiple pieces. In this case, I implemented some design restrictions during this part of the concept art phase to ensure the miniature could be cast in one piece. By having the different the different concept art views, I know that this miniature meets those casting requirements now instead of when I have the final 3D print in hand.

The Summary video contains the short version of the live show while the full one hour show can be found here.

Watch the Summary Video on youTube


The third part of the series will follow the process of turning the concept art into a completed plan as the image above starts to show.

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