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Albion Campaign End Phase 4 – The Battle for Kaylynn Six

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September 25 2017

Phase 4 – Surakari Major Victory

Burning as bright as a star, the asteroid plunged towards the ground. Kaylynn Six’s thin atmosphere fought against the falling rock, struggling to break it apart. Pieces fractured off like sparks leaping from a fire before burning up to dust.

In orbit, the battle between the Surakari Invaders and Heragul Defenders continued. Plasma fire, cannons, and missiles crisscrossed between the orbital trajectories.

An explosion blossomed from the ground as the asteroid smashed into the surface of the planet. The atmosphere burned as the fireball expanded from the point of impact. As the firestorm peaked, a second asteroid fell into the atmosphere and the grip of the planet’s gravity tugged it towards the ground.

Mor-Lin-Kai watched the devastation via a video feed from the few remaining Heragul warships in low orbit.

“How many defending warships have broken through the Surakari blockade?” the Fleet Captain asked.

“I’m seeing a Battle Cruiser, a Mackerel, and several others.”

“Order all remaining warships out now. We can stay here until they are all out or destroyed. Setup practical escape orbits for all ships and have our squadrons support those trajectories. Operation Octavius may have failed, but we can at least can get as many of our citizens out as possible.”