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The Surakari Hydrus Miniature is Available for Sale

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February 5 2018

Purchase the new Resin / 3D Printed Kit.

While not the largest of the Surakari Warships thus seen, this class of combat vessel is usually the most massive warship seen in battle. The first Hydrus was spotted in very early days of the war, but this particular version only showed up during the siege of Albion 8. It arrived in the battle and fought alongside an original Hydrus class warship, buying the time for Surakari ground forces to strike at the planet.

Like the other recent versions Surakari warships, this one appears to be redesigned to improve its cooling. When viewed through thermals, large portions of the underside of the warship are clearing working as heat sinks. The increased surface area of these sinks allow the heavy guns of the Hydrus to keep delivering their firepower longer into a space battle.

It is not know if this warship is a completely new version of the Hydrus or just a massive upgrade. While it retains the shape of the previous generation, Many details have changed. It is frightening to think that these aliens could create a brand new and effective combat vessel in six months. However, others speculate that maybe the Surakari jumped the gun on their invasion and these upgraded warships were supposed to be on the front lines since the beginning.