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Legends of Kalidasia: Rise of the Surakari is Released

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August 18 2010

Complete Battle KitRise of the Surakari is the first chapter of Legends of Kalidasia, the debut war game from Kalidasia Media Productions LLC. Legends of Kalidasia is a fast playing space combat game. Each player controls either a Heragul or Surakari Fleet and they challenge other players in an original, dynamic universe. 150 million years ago, the Surakari launched an attack on the Heragul Empire. In a matter of weeks, a half dozen star systems had fallen to the invaders. Now, the Minex System has come under attack. Home to over three billion Heragul, the Minex system must be defended at all costs. Rise of the Surakari begins the story of the battle for the Minex system. More information about Legends of Kalidasia can be found in our Game Play Section. The printed and electronic versions of the game can be bought through our Products Page. A free introduction kit can be also be found there. Convoy Battle