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About Kalidasia Media Productions LLC

Kalidasia Media Productions LLC is a tabletop war game company founded by Jason Rutherford in 2010. Named after our flagship line of games, Kalidasia Media Productions LLC will focus on the development of games and other media items related to the Legends of Kalidasia universe.

Jason Rutherford has been playing tabletop war games for over 20 years and has armies for many of the major games. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from Oakland University and has spent many years working on video games and websites. Prior to launching to Kalidasia Media Productions LLC, Jason ran the website The Army Showcase and the Tabletop Battlefield podcast.

Return/Replacement Policy

If a product you receive from Kalidasia Media Productions LLC is damaged or defective, there are two options available. Option 1) Contact us at to have a replacement component shipped out. Option 2) Contact us at to inform us that you would like to return the product. Please send the product to Kalidasia Media Productions LLC, PO Box 4628 Troy, MI 48099 using an appropriate shipping method. Once the product has been returned, the original purchase price of the product and all shipping charges will be refunded to your account.

If an item needs to be returned for any other reason then it is defective, Kalidasia Media Productions LLC will provide a refund on all merchandise returned in a new and unused condition. The refund will be issued once the merchandise has been received. In this case, we will not refund the cost of sending the product back.

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