The Kalidasia Universe

Episode 4 – Jump Out!

Interceptor Attack!

Surakari Interceptors continued their attack. Beam weapons kept cutting into the fleet’s vital systems. Tur-Si-Lok brought up the status of his ship. The mathematical damage models didn’t look good. At the current damage rate, they were not going to make it to the jump point. It was then that his sensor officer got his attention.

“There’s a ship jumping in directly ahead of us! Destroyer class!” She exclaimed.

The Tyronar One’s computer automatically displayed the new arrival on the main screen. Sensor information about jumping in ships was often limited, but once the ship fully materialized, the computer identified it as a Heragul Seeking Missile Destroyer.

Destroyer Fire

“Attention all Heragul ships, this is the Tyronar Eleven responding to your broadcast,” a voice boomed across the Tyronar One’s loud speakers.

The new arrival quickly added her Arc Cannon to the firestorm surrounding the Tyronar One’s fleet.

“Captain Thi-Anx-Lan, I’m glad to see that some one else survived the initial attack,” Tur-Si-Lok spoke to his new ally.

“Thi-Anx-Lan is dead. He was killed in the opening moments of the war. I’m commander Lex-Int-Arc and I’m commanding this vessel right now. We’ve already taken heavy damage.”

“Another ship jumping in near the Tyronar 11. It’s a Frigate, captain,” The Sensor officer informed Tur-Si-Lok with a more calm demeanor.

As before the computer highlighted the new ship and Tur-Si-Lok couldn’t be happier. It was the Tyronar 30, an Anti-Aircraft Frigate. Two more Arc Cannons joined the fight, tearing into the Surakari Interceptors. She then charged headlong into the swarm at full burn. The Tyronar One finished the detailed scan of the Tyronar 30. She was hurt bad. Clearly the captain was expecting this charge to be his last.

Once she closed within range, the Tyronar 30’s Fire Spreads opened fire. More and more Interceptors exploded. The Surakari quickly turned their attention to the Anti-Aircraft Frigate. Interceptors swarmed the ship like insects. Numerous small explosions marked the deaths of Surakari Pilots, but also served to mark the infliction of gaping wounds on the Frigate’s Hull.

Tur-Si-Lok watched the systems aboard the Tyronar 30 fail one by one. Her sacrifice would not be in vain for it had bought the rest of the fleet the time they needed to escape. Or so he thought. His attention was drawn to a secondary monitor. The Tyornar 22’s engines had gone critical. Armor panels exploded outward along the length of the engines. Rifts and cracks spread along the rest of the hull. Moments later, a blinding flash consumed the warship.


Tur-Si-Lok took a deep breath and the ordered, “All ships, jump to the Silex system now!”