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Orbital Contain Battle Report – Legends of Kalidasia

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April 1 2017

This battle report for Legends of Kalidasia is using the first beta of the upcoming competitive rules pack as well as the beta stat card for the Heragul Maned Wolf Missile Destroyer. The Orbital Contain objective divides the battlefield into two and sets the objective for the players to control their own half of the battlefield while contesting the opposing player’s half. For secondary objectives, the squadrons are trying to inflict warship kills while trying to keep as many of their own alive as possible.

The Heragul and Surakari brought 75 point squadrons to the table. While the Heragul mostly deployed as a single group, with the exception of the Maned Wolf, the Surakari deployed in a scattered line. It was the plan of the Heragul to use the Maned Wolf destroyer to contest the Surakari side of the battlefield, but this ship was intercepted by the larger Hydrus Battle Cruiser and a Delphinus Frigate.

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