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Heragul Lynx Battle Cruiser 2017 – First Look

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June 17 2017

The Heragul Lynx Battle Cruiser is the most iconic ship in the Heragul Fleet. For most planetary systems across the Empire, this warship serves as the command ship of the system’s fleet. In larger and more important systems, Lynxes extend the command authority of the Fleet Captain and are found at almost every inhabited planet.

Heavily armored and armed, the triple fire rails can hold smaller warship’s at bay. A single turn’s barrage can cripple most frigate class vessels. The tactical challenge with this warship is to engage smaller ships one after another. Even though a critical value of five and reinforced structural integrity can absorb some damage, a Lynx under attack from three frigates at once can find itself in trouble.

The Lynx Battle Cruiser will be available for sale on June 19th 2017.

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