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The Heragul Lynx Battle Cruiser is Available for Sale

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June 19 2017

The Heragul Lynx Battle Cruiser is the most iconic ship in the Heragul Fleet. For most planetary systems across the Empire, this warship serves as the command ship of the system’s fleet. In larger and more important systems, Lynxes extend the command authority of the Fleet Captain and are found at almost every inhabited planet.

The new Lynx Battle Cruiser can be purchased in two different ways:

As a complete kit for $15.

Just the upgrade pieces for $5. This set is for anyone who currently owns the 2010 Lynx Miniature and would like to upgrade it to the 2017 version.

Heragul Lynx Fleet List

To help get you started with using the Heragul Lynx in Heroes of the Heragul, here is a good starting fleet list.

Lynx with Advanced Active Armor and Reserve Batteries – 34 points

Hammerhead – 11 points

Hammerhead – 11 points

Mackerel – 8 points

Attack Cruiser Wing x 3 – 3 points

Hunter Wing x 8 – 8 Points

Total: 75 Points