This is a Galaxy at War...This is Kalidasia


Legends of Kalidasia

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For 30,000 years the Heragul Empire has been victorious in wars, insurrections, and rebellions.

But when the Quartex Six was destroyed by the Surakari, everything changed.

Two weeks after the attack, six star systems had fallen to the mysterious invaders.

In the nearly three month long siege of Minex that followed, the Heragul finally struck their first major victory against the Surakari.

Minex proved to be a hollow victory as the Surakari invasion only intensified after their defeat. Over twenty star systems are now battling for survival. Among them is the Verlanda System.

In the shadows, the Heragul have begun negotiations with the potentially hostile Colayth Guard.

The future of the Heragul Empire may depend on what happens at the secret meeting at Barin Se-Kar.

This is a Galaxy at War. This is Kalidasia.

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We are under attack from six unknown Surakari Vessels! Send Help Imme....

Communication fragment sent by an unknown officer aboard Minex Six’s command battle cruiser. This was the first recorded contact with the Surakari Gun Boat.