The Kalidasia Universe


Active Convention / Event Campaigns

Throughout the year, Kalidasia Media Productions attends a number of conventions and hosts events at local game stores. Games of Legends of Kalidasia that are played at these events are part of larger year long campaigns. The results of these games help decide the fate of the Kalidasia Universe. Details of the active and past campaigns can be found below as well a list of all the upcoming events that Kalidasia Media Productions is hosting.

The Encounter at Barin Se-Kar

2015 Conventions and Events

Saturday January 24th 2015, is WinterCon 2015 on the campus of Oakland University. Join Kalidasia Media Productions and fight the final battle of the Barin Se-Kar Campaign.

Previous Campaigns

The Battle for Verlanda[2012 / 2013]

We are under attack from six unknown Surakari Vessels! Send Help Imme....

Communication fragment sent by an unknown officer aboard Minex Six’s command battle cruiser. This was the first recorded contact with the Surakari Gun Boat.