The Kalidasia Universe

The Albion Campaign [2016-2017]

The Battle for the Albion Economic Prefecture

With the fall of Verlanda, the Surakari were on the door step of the Albion Economic Prefecture. The first multi-system campaign in the history of the Kalidasia Universe has begun. This story will be told through narrative campaign battle reports, convention events, and other forms of player participation. During each phase, one of the planets of the Albion Prefecture will be contested. At the end of the phase, based on the results of the games payed during that phase, the planet will either remain in Heragul hands, be under siege, or it will fall to the Surakari. Both Kalidasia Fleet Commander and Legends of Kalidasia will be used to resolve this campaign. The faction which wins the most games during the phase will not automatically win the phase, but it will certainly give them an advantage.

Phase 4 – Operation Octavius – April 25th – June 30th 2017

Phase 4 – Surakari Major Victory

Burning as bright as a star, the asteroid plunged towards the ground. Kaylynn Six’s thin atmosphere fought against the falling rock, struggling to break it apart. Pieces fractured off like sparks leaping from a fire before burning up to dust.

In orbit, the battle between the Surakari Invaders and Heragul Defenders continued. Plasma fire, cannons, and missiles crisscrossed between the orbital trajectories.

An explosion blossomed from the ground as the asteroid smashed into the surface of the planet. The atmosphere burned as the fireball expanded from the point of impact. As the firestorm peaked, a second asteroid fell into the atmosphere and the grip of the planet’s gravity tugged it towards the ground.

Mor-Lin-Kai watched the devastation via a video feed from the few remaining Heragul warships in low orbit.

“How many defending warships have broken through the Surakari blockade?” the Fleet Captain asked.

“I’m seeing a Battle Cruiser, a Mackerel, and several others.”

“Order all remaining warships out now. We can stay here until they are all out or destroyed. Setup practical escape orbits for all ships and have our squadrons support those trajectories. Operation Octavius may have failed, but we can at least can get as many of our citizens out as possible.”

Battle Reports

Penguicon 2017 – Surakari Victory

Local Vendor Demo – Surakari Victory

Story Phase – Kaylynn Five

The Surakari strike at Kaylynn Five while a research team investigates a radioactive anomaly.

Episode 01 – Evacuation
Episode 02 – Deadline
Episode 03 – Abandoned
Episode 04 – Firefight
Episode 05 – Hidden Lights

Phase 3 – Albion 8 – 12/1/2016 through 2/28/2017

Phase 3 – Heragul Minor Victory

The short stack of papers crashed down and flooded across the desk.

“Are there more reports like this?” the council lead asked?

“There is a new one every other or day or so,” the adviser responded.

“So much for the Albion Prefecture standing as one against the Surakari. Does anyone know when the Cadre system made a deal with Caldera?”

“No sir,” the adviser replied, “Warships with Calderan squadron markings started appearing in the orbit of Cadre 3 about two weeks ago. So far, there have been no reports of Calderan warships deployed elsewhere in the prefecture.”

The council lead sighed, “I’m the deciding vote for the target of Operation Octavius. The council is split between Cadre Four and Kaylynn six. [Food Guy] has done a good job of casting Kaylynn Six as a lost cause. Maybe we now know how Cadre 4 could have held back the Surakari.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Kaylynn Six maybe lost. We have not heard anything from them for almost a week. We have to assume the planet is under a full Surakari blockade. In addition, a science team had to be evacuated from Kaylynn Five under a firefight. The alien presence is growing in that system. However, the Albion Prefecture has held together because we stood as one and didn’t seek back stabbing deals. Cadre will need to be taught a lesson.”

The council leader paused for a few seconds, consumed by thought.

“Operation Octavius is going to Kaylynn Six,” he stated.

Phase 2 – Cadre 4 – 4/1/2016 through 6/1/2016


Cadre 4 is a beautiful tropical world which produces large quantities of food for the Albion Prefecture and beyond. Transports are constantly ferrying this food from the planet to some of the most desolate planets in the region.

Cadre 4’s most famous export is the Shayle plant. This plant, with multi-colored leaves is popular all across the empire as a sandwich topping. If the Surakari manage to interrupt the flow of the delicacy, it may be the first time most citizens of the Empire notice the Surakari Invasion.

Phase 2: Heragul Minor Victory

“It has been said many times that war is profitable,” announced the host of the stock trading show, “but Sy-Lee-Lin, owner of the entire food production industry on Cadre 4 has found a way to get rich quick without selling weapons”

A map of the Albion prefecture materialized behind the host and the camera raced in towards Cadre 4. Surakari icons appeared around the planet.

“For six months, the corner of the Sarlet District has been under siege from an alien race called the Surakari. Despite being devastating to that region of the Empire, many citizens still don’t pay much attention to the conflict. At least for the money sector, that changed this week.”

The background changed to a Shale plant.

“Cadre 4 is the only home to the Shale plant. It is popular across the empire as a food delicacy. This week, the Surakari attacked Cadre 4 and based on rumors, they had forces on the planet for some time. Well timed reinforcements from Cadre 3 helped to break the blockade and push the Surakari back, but the attack is not over. During this attack, several transports carrying Shale exports were destroyed.”

Once again, the background morphed and a line graph appeared, with a rapidly growing line.

“It is against this backdrop that brings us back to the economy. It was during the past week that price of the Shale planet skyrocketed. Supply did not drop very much, but the panic of the invasion caused many to purchase much more than their normal amounts. The price still seems to be rising, but its a dangerous game for all involved, including Sy-Lee-Lin. Gamble on war, and eventually you lose.”

Convention Events

Penguicon April 30th 2016: Surakari Victory 3 to 1

Pro or Con Spring Battlefields: Heragul Victory 3 to 2

Phase 1 – Kaylynn Six – through 3/20/2016

Phase 1: Surakari Minor Victory

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I would agree that the Tiger Shark is a beautiful machine, but why must efficiency be measured in how quickly we can kill each other?

Excerpt from a pamphlet found circulating in the Messich District of the Heragul Empire.