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Kalidasia Battle Report – Kaylynn Six Episode 01

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When the Surakari attacked Kaylynn Six, we didn't know what intelligence they had gathered about their target. When one of the smaller squadrons, identified as Beta Squadron, headed straight for the orbital mineral refinery, I gambled...


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S03E09 – Game Production – Beyond Kalidasia

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For the final episode of this season, I go over the production process I used for Kalidasia Fleet Commander.

S03E08 – The Release Candidate Phase – Beyond Kalidasia

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Kalidasia Fleet Commander: Kalidasia Fleet Commander

Episode 8 is out and there is only one more after this one. The Release Candidate phase is the last phase before production and it is all about getting your game ready for production. On this episode, I talk about some basic printing terminology and cover the last few steps needed to turn your game into a final product.

Beyond Kalidasia S03E07 – A Change of Plans

On this episode of Beyond Kalidasia, I discuss the major change that Kalidasia Fleet Commander went through during its Beta phase and why I made those changes.

Kalidasia Painting Videos

How to Paint a Surakari Warship in One Hour
The complete several hour series on assembling and painting a Draco destroyer.

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The Invasion of Cadre

With the fall of Verlanda, the Surakari are poised to launch an invasion of the Albion Prefecture, starting with the Cadre system.

Episode 1 – Rumors and Fear
Episode 2 - Episode 2 – Handling the Truth
Episode 3 – Facing the Public
Episode 4 - Spear Tip

The Flight of the Tyronar One

The Tyronna System was the first star system to the fall to the Surakari. After suffering a series of lightning strike attacks, the Tyronar One and a handful of Heragul survivors must evade their new alien enemy.

Episode 1 - Night Fall
Episode 2 - Tiger shark
Episode 3 - The Night Hunter
Episode 4 - Jump Out