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Beyond Kalidasia S03E07 – A Change of Plans

On this episode of Beyond Kalidasia, I discuss the major change that Kalidasia Fleet Commander went through during its Beta phase and why I made those changes.

Beyond Kalidasia S03E06 – Beta Playtesting

On this episode of Beyond Kalidasia Season 3, I cover the different types of play testing that occur during the beta phase and how to apply the results to your game's development.

Beyond Kalidasia S03E05 – Beta Phase Overview

Season 3 of Beyond Kalidasia continues with an overview of the Beta Phase of my Tabletop Game Design Process


Beyond Kalidasia S03E04 – The Alpha Design Phase

The Alpha Design Phase is the first step in creating your tabletop game. On this episode, I will talk about the goals, the methods, and some tips to help you get your tabletop game off to the right start.

Kalidasia Tactical Articles

Playing as the Surakari – An Introduction to Surakari Combat Tactics.
Playing as the Heragul – An Introduction to Heragul Combat Tactics.

Kalidasia Painting Videos

Painting Surakari Warships

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Tales from the Kalidasia Universe

The Invasion of Cadre

With the fall of Verlanda, the Surakari are poised to launch an invasion of the Albion Prefecture, starting with the Cadre system.

Episode 1 – Rumors and Fear
Episode 2 - Episode 2 – Handling the Truth
Episode 3 – Facing the Public
Episode 4 - Spear Tip

The Flight of the Tyronar One

The Tyronna System was the first star system to the fall to the Surakari. After suffering a series of lightning strike attacks, the Tyronar One and a handful of Heragul survivors must evade their new alien enemy.

Episode 1 - Night Fall
Episode 2 - Tiger shark
Episode 3 - The Night Hunter
Episode 4 - Jump Out