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Beyond Kalidasia S02E06 – Packaging

When you don't write out a script, you tend to say the same phrase over and over again...Oh well. On this episode I talk about creating packaging for limited production run games.

The Game Crafter

Beyond Kalidasia S02E05 – Workflow of a How to Paint Video

In this episode, I walk through the workflow used to create a miniature painting tutorial like the Surakari Miniature one I posted several days ago.

And Yes, I realize that I used a lot of rough cuts in this video.

How to Paint a Surakari Miniature

Beyond Kalidasia – S02E04 – Frigate Variations and 3D Prints

In this episode of Beyond Kalidasia, I take a look at the new Surakari Frigate figures and talk more about why I chose 3D printing for the upgrade and how to convince customers to purchase 3D prints. Purchase the new Frigates
Beyond Kalidasia – S02E03 – Avoiding Conflicting Units

On this episode I talk about my strategy for planning out the different units in your tabletop game. With a little bit of planning, it will be easier to avoid making units that are not very good and that players don't want to use.

Here is the Link to the Unit Chart I keep Referencing:

Kalidasia Unit Chart

Kalidasia Tactical Articles

Playing as the Surakari – An Introduction to Surakari Combat Tactics.
Playing as the Heragul – An Introduction to Heragul Combat Tactics.

Kalidasia Painting Videos

Painting Surakari Warships

Legends of Kalidasia Hobby Articles

Tales from the Kalidasia Universe

The Flight of the Tyronar One

The Tyronna System was the first star system to the fall to the Surakari. After suffering a series of lightning strike attacks, the Tyronar One and a handful of Heragul survivors must evade their new alien enemy.

Episode 1 - Night Fall
Episode 2 - Tiger shark
Episode 3 - The Night Hunter
Episode 4 - Jump Out