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Beyond Kalidasia S02E09 – Marketing Your Game

Marketing your independent game is never an easy task. In this episode, I talk about some of the common ways to market your game and what should expect from those tactics.

Beyond Kalidasia – S02 E08 – Creating Convention Scenarios
A good game experience at a convention will make a difference when it comes to selling copies of your game. On this episode of Beyond Kalidasia I talk about my successes and failures of running convention games.
Beyond Kalidasia – S02 E07 – Comments and Opinions
Everyone will have an opinion about your game. Today I will talk a little bit how to handle these diverse comments.
Beyond Kalidasia S02E06 – Packaging

When you don't write out a script, you tend to say the same phrase over and over again...Oh well. On this episode I talk about creating packaging for limited production run games.

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Kalidasia Tactical Articles

Playing as the Surakari – An Introduction to Surakari Combat Tactics.
Playing as the Heragul – An Introduction to Heragul Combat Tactics.

Kalidasia Painting Videos

Painting Surakari Warships

Legends of Kalidasia Hobby Articles

Tales from the Kalidasia Universe

The Flight of the Tyronar One

The Tyronna System was the first star system to the fall to the Surakari. After suffering a series of lightning strike attacks, the Tyronar One and a handful of Heragul survivors must evade their new alien enemy.

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